7 Advanced AI Detectors for a More Trustworthy Internet

1. Writesonic AI

Supports multiple languages, offers user-friendly interface, scans up to 1000 words, and provides detection scores for human and AI-generated content. It's free to use.

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2. Winston AI    

Known for its 99.6% accuracy in detecting AI-generated content, it comes with an advanced plagiarism checker and allows document uploads. 

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3. Originality.ai

Detects AI-generated content with 99% accuracy and includes plagiarism and readability checkers. It supports real-time detection and offers a Chrome extension. .

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4. GPTZero

Designed for educational institutions to detect AI-generated content by large language models with a multi-step approach for accuracy. 

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5. Writer.com AI

An all-in-one tool for content generation and detection with a free trial and a paid plan starting at $18/month  . .  

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6. Copyleaks

Detects AI-generated content with 99.1% accuracy in 30+ languages, offers Chrome Extension for real-time detection, and supports various LMS integrations. .

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7. Content at Scale AI

Uses NLP and AI-trained models to detect patterns and sentence structures indicative of AI-generated content with 98% accuracy. Free to use with a Pro version starting at $49/month. .

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