6 Breakthrough Assistive Technologies Unveiled at CES 2024

1. OrCam Hear

Combines earbuds, a phone dongle, and app to isolate speech and reduce background noise for people with hearing lo

2. Audio Radar

Transforms gaming audio cues into visual signals with RGB lights, aiding gamers with hearing impairments to "see the sound"

3. Transcribe Glass

A lightweight heads-up display that attaches to glasses, transcribing and projecting speech into text, useful for real-time translation

4. Ocutrx OcuLenz

An AR headset designed for macular degeneration, adjusting images to avoid blind spots, enhancing visibility for visually impaired user

5. Lumen Headset

Provides haptic feedback for visually impaired users, using environmental sensors to navigate outdoors safely, akin to guide dog assistance

6. GyroGear

A hand-stabilizing glove designed for individuals with Parkinson's disease or hand tremors, aimed at improving hand control and daily function​

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